Can’t Get This Meeting Off My Mind

guitar-2-1425236-638x426I got a meeting crush…hopefully this comment does not cause the same stir in the meetings and events industry that it did in country music for Little Big Town when they released their single; Girl Crush.

The song made me think about our life in the meetings and events industry. Let me rewrite some of their lyrics for those of us in the industry:

I got a meeting crush

Hate to admit it but

I got a heart rush

Ain’t slowing down

I got it real bad

Want everything to go well

Finalizing those closing banquet BEO’s

Just sending them now

I got a meeting crush

I got a meeting crush

I don’t get no sleep

I don’t get no peace

Thinking about our next event

Under a time crunch

The hard work and planning

The way that it’s pulling me in

Lord knows I’ve tried,

I can’t get this meeting off my mind

I got a meeting crush

I got a meeting crush

Those of us that chose this crazy hospitality industry know that it gets in your blood and you cannot control it. Some of us have even left the industry…only to come back a few years later because we miss it. I think all of us can relate to this country song as we have a little meeting crush.

Thanks for letting me have a little fun with this popular country song.

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