Share Your Industry Insights with Future Meeting and Event Planners

BaarmanFerrisCollegeofBusinesscroppedAfter a long break, I went back to school…the Hospitality Management School at Ferris State University (FSU). I am a proud graduate of FSU and they invited me back to share with the students (primarily upperclassmen) my 25+ year journey through our dynamic industry.

I was introduced by a senior and it took me a few minutes to recover from the realization that not one of the students in the audience were even born when I graduated. It was gratifying to talk about my career in the hospitality industry which included various hotel positions, trade show management and meeting planning. My goal was to share the many opportunities that exist in hopes that it would spark an interest for a potential career path. We also discussed industry trends and what future opportunities exist for them to explore.

They were engaged and an interactive group that I feel confident is ready to join us in the meeting and event planning industry. I hope all of you will consider sharing your story with the next generation of meeting and event planners…it was a rewarding experience.

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