Top 10 Reasons to Attend an Event – ConferenceDirect Annual Partner Meeting

Helping hand shakes another in an agreementOver the dates of April 19-22, 2015, the meeting and event professionals from ConferenceDirect will be gathering in Dallas, TX for their Annual Partner Meeting. The Top 10 Reasons I am looking forward to attending this event are:

10.  Becoming more familiar with the Dallas destination and hotels to share with my customers as they consider this location for future meetings.

9.   An agenda focused on improving my meeting and event planning skills.

8.   Having FUN! I am looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy the best of Dallas.

7.   Giving back to our industry and the community – we always include a charitable component to our meeting.

6.   Getting updated on industry trends and what it means for our valued customers.

5.   Networking: receptions, meals, and events that enables building more meaningful industry relationships and partnerships.

4.   Training/education on contracting, social media, event technology, etc.

3.   Interacting with my team- I oversee a team of 30+ talented meeting professionals and it will be great spending face-to-face time with them.

2.   A years’ worth of interaction with industry partners (over 700 attend) packed into three days of one-to-one meetings.

And the number one reason I am attending the ConferenceDirect Annual Partner Meeting:

1. My time is valuable and this is the most productive and useful event that I attend each year.

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